maroon party for liberation



maroon party for liberation members are united by the drive to prefigure a new society free of imperialism, colonization, racism, hetero-patriarchy & capitalist exploitation.   

we stand up against all forms of social inequality & we stand for the dignity & self-determination of “oppressed peoples,” which we have since our travels and organizing have identified as maroons (not limiting to oppression or being identified as oppressed yet existing as a resistance and not exclusive to ethnicity yet a rainbow of cultures who take a stance toward liberation against oppression).  

the leadership for this movement will first & foremost be womxn & "oppressed nationalities" (maroons). It is based on excellence & experimentation. 



together, as members of the maroon party for liberation: 

1. we promote mother earth centeredness (some call it “ecosocialism,” however we do not confine ourselves to ism’s as they have been used to divide not only ideology yet purpose and have caused confusion or distraction to what we need to obtain…liberation): the unity of humxnity with the planet's ecosystems. as aspiring humxn beings (natural/organic children of the earth / “ecosocialists”), we aim for existence based on the same respect indigenous peoples have always had for the earth and returning to producers the rightful share of the fruits of their labor. we respect our Mother Earth as provider of all life on this planet. we take concrete steps to lessen our ecological footprint for the health and well-being of all beings and future generations. 

2. we are building towards a rEvolutionary matriarchal future (we speak beyond the idea of a line from womxn providing any said hierarchy, yet the “archy” allowing a consent to womxn [Fred Ho]), which will be the opposite of patriarchy, not its mirror image.  matriarchy will be a revolutionary future, in which the social construct of gender is eliminated and humxnity is re-socialized, in which the values of caring, nurturance, creativity, compassion and collectivity dominate. we foster mxn to mother and to promote the qualities, characteristics and values of mothering. we denounce gynocide: the ways that capitalism and white supremacy have attempted to break the spirit of struggle by inflicting violence upon and devaluing womxn and all we represent.  

3. our decision-making process emphasizes imagination, improvisation and intuition leading the way into the new and unforeseen; perception, wisdom, communal balance, and the art of listening and reception, as ways to overcome brute power. in all decisions, we keep the seventh generation (ahead and behind) of our descendants in mind (as taught by many indigenous peoples). 

4. we recognize spirituality as an essential element in the struggle for liberation. we are birthed from generations of struggle and formation, most directly Scientific Soul Sessions. the name given was Scientific Soul: "Scientific" because we seek and have sought answers and solutions; "Soul" because we believe and know in each self moving beyond its limits, reaching out to people, natural creatures and to the cosmos, imagining and doing the impossible! we have now evolved to the Maroon Party for Liberation incorporating SSS and all of her legacy complimenting her a strategy to maintain our intergenerational and relevant freshness.  

5. we bring art and politics together in provocative ways in our quest for excellence and the impossible dream!  we see anti-capitalist analysis and anti-imperialist aesthetics as the paradigm for a new way of being and living that is not dictated by Western Capitalist values. 

6. through forward-thinking artistic creation and political organizing, we realize our maroon leadership principles of commitment, capacity, creativity, clarity and compassion. while engaging in praxis utilizing awareness and articulation to bring about a well prefigured and sustainable action. 

7. recognizing the self-determination of [previously identified] “oppressed nationalities” also known as maroons and the strength of a United Front, our leadership is principally composed of maroons and predominately identified womxn. each of us checks our privilege and takes responsibility to change the ways we reproduce our internalized racism and oppression. 

8. we refuse to compromise and be made mediocre by institutions such as the NGO/Non-profit Industrial Complex.  we aim to be self-sufficient and work collectively to sustain ourselves mostly utilizing unorthodox and creative means. 

9. we are intergenerational. we acknowledge the experience and dedication of our elders. veterans of the Black Panther Party, Black Liberation Army, The Young Lords Party and ways of the Zapatistas are in the council of our blood and soul. they guide us and provide us the wisdom to engage in a more holistic decision making process respecting our indigeneity, tradition, legacy and struggle.  we respect the energy and fresh visions of the young to assist in prefiguring a new. 

10. we are internationalist. we seek to build a united front across boundaries and divides. we have family members and friends globally participating and ranging from the western hemisphere of the united snakes of amerikkka to Belgium, Iceland, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic to the eastern hemisphere of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania to South Afrika. 

11. we are revolutionaries! we don't think capitalism is fixable. we are with actions on all fronts yet are not reformist. we engage in constant study for the liberation of all oppressed beings. just our creativity is improvisational and spontaneous, so is our strategy to obtain our goals towards the prefiguration of a new society.   

12.   we guide our actions with the 3 As. awareness (political education/theory study study study) , articulation (dialogue and assess, assess, assess), action (creativity, campaign, combat). 

13.     we are strategist. we plan our work and we work our plan. we develop cadre to develop cadre. we utilize the Hydra of the Dragon to continue legacy and overcome hierarchy and the death of one ideology by multiplying and building community.   

peace and unconditional rEvolutioanry matriarchal maroon love. may we continue to resist until the liberation of pachamama and all humxn's and beings of this planet. may we fight with honor, with principal and remember not to forget. free all politcial prisoners, protect the hearts, minds and spirits of our young and free the land. may we remain focus that as capitalism weakens and falls (it will fall), we do not empower and pick it up or try to fix it with reform. let it die and let a new rise. prefigure a new society and practice everyday so when this day comes we will know what to do, how to do it, who to do it with and why we are doing it. may we maroon on. all power to the people y pa'lante siempre siempre pa'lante.