Jan 17th 2022 
The Dragon and the Hydra Victory Is Certain 

presented by the maroon party for liberation 


this will be a short rEvolutionary commercial break to announce some new happenings being set forth and recaps of last year. so don't be late(45min-60min) 

celebrating a years work, organizing a year forward. an international conversation/plan featuring Maroon supporters and organizations doing work FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS. 
introducing the work ahead with the launch of the Free Baba Kamau Sadiki campaign by family 

brief report for various organizations 3 to 5min highlighting their work in 2021 and the work ahead in 2022. 

Dr Martin Luther King was a political prisoner 
Letter from Birmingham Jail 

honor Black resistance and liberation. 

Free Maroon(s) Now 
campaign for Sundiata, Mutulu, Peltier etc 
maroon liberation school 

sharing snippets of K'Sisay play 

we are happy humbled and honored to serve and be of service. 

peace and unconditional rEvolutionary matriarchal maroon love. 

flier by KB of maroon party 

maroon on 
maroon party for liberation