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Black at it again with another Black Legacy Film Series, this one will focus our eyes on Palestine. please register by Feb 4th so that we may screen as mxny as we can and allow entry to avoid any challenges the day of.
Black Legacy Film Series with the Maroon Liberation School:
Thank you for your interest in Season 15 of our Maroon Liberation Schools and our BLACK LEGACY film series 

Black Legacy films 530-730pm EST (times may run late or early depending on film and film order is subject to change)

Feb 5th : Black Liberation shorts and Palestinian feature film
Feb 12th: Black Liberation shorts and Palestinian feature film
Feb 26th: Black Liberation shorts and Palestinian feature film
our maroon liberation school is planning for the month of february (Black Legacy Month) a series of films, shorts, docs on Palestine and the connection with Black Liberation. we are inspired to continue to take our political education towards relevance, solidarity and praxis. 4 Palestine, Black Liberation Love. 
each maroon monday will feature a different film and host a discussion afterward.
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or register direct at
RE: Maroon Liberation School 
Modern day maroons live off of the "plantation" of capitalist white supremacy in order to pre-figure a new liberated society. We refuse to be oppressed.  We "agitate, educate and organize." (RBG youth group)

We believe political education and informed collective action is the strongest way to pre-figure a new society for all. We are crystallizing our commitments and ways of working, and gathering our resources for a sustainable process of revolutionary praxis (a combination of theory and practice). 
Together we Maroon.  

THANK YOU! Pa'Lante - All Power to The People- The Maroon Party for Liberation


“By knowing that we have a lot to become, and a lot more to know, we will change, become better, clearer, stronger, more committed, dedicated and capable of taking on all challenges.” Fred Ho


maroon liberation school


we are a liberation school. a process that engages in rEvolutionary praxis for internal (ontological) and external (ideological) development. we develop the science and soul of ourselves and our communities for a holistic transformation. the goal is to become like-minded beings in our creativity, capability, commitment, clarity and compassion. to do the work that is aligned with our tenets and mission to dismantle patriarchy (which birthed white supremacy along with other isms that foster an eco system of oppression). we seek awareness to articulate strategy for plans of effective action. 

we are a rainbow of nations from the south Bronx to south Afrika; making rEvolutions real lead by Black, Brown, Indigenous and Asian people, legacy and ideology.

currently every maroon monday and then some. get your school on. a class that defy's class.